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​Eco-Friendly Message

Rob’s Car Wash is Eco-friendly and Environmentally Responsible.

Rob’s Car Wash takes being environmentally responsible seriously! In 2007, the state of California and New Jersey were found to have the highest standards of conservation and protection in the car wash industry. Rob’s Car Washes are operated in such a way that we could move to any jurisdiction in either of these states and be immediately compliant.

Rob’s Team is constantly inspecting every avenue towards helping save our environment. Some of the specific steps we have taken are as follows;

All water used in our automatic car washes is recycled. This process takes all the water used through 9 settling tanks (approximately 7,000 gallons of storage). Then it is transferred through the filtration system where it goes through a centrifuge and micro-filtration process. The only fresh water used in the process is the final rinse phase. This allows us to wash your car and leave it spot free while using the least amount of water possible.

All of our chemicals are Blue Coral products and they are certified “Green” through ZEP. We chose Blue Coral products because they are the industry’s leader in eco-friendly chemicals. They are doing their part by producing only the chemicals that are certified compliant with the strictest regulatory standards across North America and still ensuring a powerful yet accurate cleaning throughout the entire wash. We also chose Blue Coral because they operate their company in a manner that uses less energy, water and packaging, per car wash, than any other car wash chemical company.

We enjoy the beauty of the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay so we strive to do everything we can to save the health and welfare of our local streams and wildlife habitats. Rob’s Car Wash is the most environmentally friendly car wash in this region.